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What is data worth to your organization? 

What does data power?

Organizations that want to stay competitive must be able to leverage the power of data to drive better decision-making, gain insights into customer behavior, and create personalized experiences that initiate loyalty and engagement. However, this requires more than just collecting data - it requires a strong data readiness posture. 

Data powers the digital revolution 

Taken from the Podcast The Visionary's Guide to the Digital Future, Episode 2, Season 1, 2023.

For Visionaries: ​

  • Expertise: Our team has done over 1,000 digital analytics deployments since 2004.
  • Methodology: LCG leverages powerful, proprietary automation to accelerate and standardize analytics deployment and maintenance.
  • Consultative: We begin every project with an understanding of your KBO's and we build your reports, dashboards, and alerts to fit.

For Builders:

  • Data Architecture: We take a proven approach to building out enterprise data layers.
  • Innovation: LCG provides a SaaS-based application to our clients to automate their data layer, Solutions Design Reference (SDR), and deployments.
  • Governance: LCG uses innovative tag auditing solutions to ensure data quality.
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